Our history

« KAPLA® came into existence during the construction of a castle in the South of France. It is the result of my building experience… Introducing the child into the world of art, KAPLA® stimulates creativity, concentration capacities, ingenuity and adaptation skills which life requires from each of us. By constructing, you construct yourself. » Tom van der Bruggen – Inventor of KAPLA®

château_tomThis passionate of architecture decided to fulfil his dream of building a castle in France, with turrets, moats…

So to help him visualise the finished construction of his castle, Tom van der Bruggen used wooden blocks, but soon he realised that they would not be suitable for certain aspects of the construction, such as the lintels, roofs and floors.

The idea to replace the blocks by wooden planks in one identical size with special proportions: 3 thicknesses for 1 widths and 5 widths for 1 length proved them to be the most suitable to construct without any fixation.

In 1987, he decided to make a new construction toy of his find. He called it “KAbouter PLAnkjes” which means “gnome planks” in Dutch.

Today, KAPLA® enables builders to construct with the strength of stone and the precision of artwork.