Natural KAPLA® planks

Bring together the strength of your imagination and the softness of natural pine

Experience the warmth and elegance of natural wood with original KAPLA planks. All our planks are made from solid, natural Landes pine, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Perfectly identical, they can be used by builders aged 2+ to free the imagination and develop creativity!

A game for everyone

Planks of identical size, assembled one on top of the other … A simple concept, for ages 2+, to create hours of play without rules or limits!

More than just a simple plank...

Whether playing solo or with family or friends, KAPLA® inspires creativity, encourages collaboration and improves perseverance, dexterity and ingenuity.

The pleasure of a natural game

The Landes pine that we use comes from sustainably managed forests. The wood is natural and the planks are hand-picked to ensure exceptional quality.