Educational value

KAPLA® is a toy but also an educational tool used in the National Education. The use of the identical planks, without any element of fixation, develops skills to thinks in a three dimensional space and permits a child to discover and mature his/her methods of construction.

This game stimulates the knowledge of geometry, physics and technology, initiating the child to the world of art, the universe of forms and volumes.

KAPLA® fascinates and arouse enthusiasm, develops agility, balance and concentration skills.

The child engages itself, alone or with its parents or friends to realise original as well as challenging creations. It chooses and organizes the forms according to its creativity. This activity asks at the same time precision and imagination. KAPLA®, a mathematical and reflection game, appeal as well logic as imagination. It is a complete game adapted at all ages.

The KAPLA builder is a constructor of the “Ephemeral”. The creation will always end  by collapsing. What rests is a little pile of planks, again available for a new creation. What counts is not to realise something but to fulfil yourself by creating.


Our KAPLA activity centers in France:
– Paris
– Lyon
– Nantes